Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Trying to get the price of internet service from Time Warner -- A transcript

After hooking you with introductory deals, internet service providers raise the rates. Seeing great rates advertised, I was in the market for upgrading my bandwidth with Time Warner and couldn't get a straight answer about how much it would cost to get faster service. Instead, the rep kept on trying to sell me bundled packages and would not tell me how much the bundle would cost after the 12 month introductory period.

Below is a transcript of the online chat. It took 30 minutes before I got an answer. Fortunately, I was able to read emails and do some work while I waited for the rep to respond.

info: Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. A representative will be with you shortly.

info: You are now chatting with Thalia.

info: ** Please do not share credit card information in this window. If credit card information is required, the agent will push a separate and secure form to you.  **

Thalia: Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable, home of the best Triple Play offer. My name is Thalia, would you like to learn more about our current Triple Play packages?

Mark: Not interested in triple play.

Thalia: I'll be happy to assist you with your concern.

Mark: I already have internet service with you. Would you please check what internet speed I now have and what other options are available? I see that there is an online deal for $64.99 for the ultimate 50 package.

Thalia: So I can properly address your concern, let me check your account first.

Mark: OK

Thalia: May I have the account number?

Mark: I don't have it on me. Can you use my phone number?

Thalia: Yes that's fine.

Thalia: May I have it please?


Thalia: Thank you.

Thalia: Bear with me please.

Mark: OK

Thalia: Please verify the last 4 of your SSN.

Mark: *****

Thalia: Thank you. I can see here that you have the Turbo internet.

Thalia: I can add home phone for only 10.00 plus I can upgrade you internet for only additional 30.00 monthly.

Mark: Not interested in phone.

Mark: I am online at the page where I can select the Ultimate 50 package. If I select this, will my service be upgraded to the 50 without the need to install a new modem?

Thalia: After that you need to swap the equipment to the nearest TWC store.

Mark: Also, I think I am paying somewhere around $70 so do you mean I would need to pay $100 for a package that is offered for $64 online?

Thalia: Yes you are paying a standard rate, adding phone will help you get the promo price again.

Mark: So what exactly is the rate if I do not get the phone. The price I see online for $64.99 is internet only.

Thalia: The 64.99 is only for new ciustomers.

Mark: So what is the price for me?

Thalia: If you won't add phone, monthly will be $90+

Mark: And what is it with a phone?

Mark: And what do you mean by $90+. I want to know the total charge.

Thalia: With our home phone service, you can do unlimited calling within US Canada Puerto Rico and Mexico plus free 13 calling features including Call waiting, 3 way calling, Enhanced *****, Anonymous call rejection, and Charged block. This is a good alternative for being over charge for your mobile phone charges while calling your family.

Thalia: If we add phone the monthly will only be 10 home phone + 69.99 ultimate internet + 5.99 modem lease.

Mark: IS that forever or only the first year?

Thalia: If we don't add phone, then the monthly is more than 90+.

Thalia: This one will be good for 12 months as well. You may still modify your account without extra cost.

Mark: What will it be after 12 months at the present rate?

Thalia: The pone can go up to 40.00.

Thalia: But before that, you will receive an email informing you about the promothat is about to be expired.

Mark: OK, the phone can go up to 40, what about the internet?

Thalia: For the internet, its standard price is like what I mentioned earlier.

Mark: So after 12 months it will still be 69.99 for the service and 5.99 for the modem.

Thalia: Within the promo period the monthly is 69.99 internet + 5.99 modem + 10 home phone.

Mark: But what about after 12 months?

Thalia: When promo expird, the internet can go up to $90+

Mark: OK, could you please tell me the rates for me today for the following internet only services: Standard Turbo Extreme Ultimate

Thalia: Here are the promo price for the following: standard internet 39.99, turbo 49.99, extreme 59.99, and ultimate 69.99.

Thalia: All of that is less than $5 online because it is only for new customer.

Mark: But I am not a new customer. What would it be for me?

Thalia: You already have an account with us, so we can not apply the less than $5.

Mark: That's fine, so does that mean that I will pay standard internet 44.99, turbo 54.99, extreme 64.99, and ultimate 74.99?

Thalia: The prices you typed is for news customers.

Mark: SO I am asking what is it for me right now?

Thalia: If we add home phone, you may get the promo prices again which are standard internet 39.99, turbo 49.99, extreme 59.99, and ultimate 69.99.

Mark: But if I do not want the home phone, what are the prices to me NOW?

Thalia: Well if you don't want the home phone, these are the prices for the internet speed you might get: standard internet 57.99, turbo 67.99, extreme 77.99, and ultimate 87.99. Equipments are not yet included.

Mark: OK, thank you. That is the info I wanted.

Thalia: To help you save money,

Thalia: we can add home phone.

Mark: I understand. Thanks you.

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